Primary Services

  • Blister packing
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Distribution facility

Blister Packing

    Our speciality is blister packing. We offer:

  • Capsule packing
  • Tablet packing
  • Liquid packing

We are skilled in the use of all types of packing materials: pvc, pvdc, alu-foil etc.

Medical Device Manufacture

Apart from manufacturing and packing our own medical devices (see our products page), Pharmaceutical Enterprises is also capable of packing on behalf of other companies.

Packing of medical devices is carried out in clean rooms where humidity and temperature is carefully controlled and filtered air is supplied. Strict gowning and operating procedures are enforced to maximise hygiene in order to minimise bioburden and maintain high standards of GMP.

We assemble and pack devices in hermetically sealed pouches, which are labelled and batch coded to customer requirements.

Injection Moulding

Pharmaceutical Enterprises has its own Arburg injection-moulding machine capable of producing any number of devices depending on the size of the moulded device and type of plastic required. In line with our environmental policy, wherever possible waste and excess plastic is reworked using our in-house grinder.

A strong and longstanding relationship with an emerging engineering company specialising in injection moulds, ensures that our existing moulds are well-maintained and that new moulds are designed and made with our requirements in mind.

Warehousing and Distribution facility

Pharmaceutical Enterprises is able to provide a warehousing and distribution service for its clients. The facility is centrally located at the factory in Ndabeni.

The facility is tightly managed according to GMP principles and is temperature regulated for storage of products at optimum levels. All products are strictly audited and management of Pharmaceutical Enterprise’s Quality Controller. We work closely with clients to optimize output and efficiency.